[OSULLOC] Moon Walk Blended Organic Green Tea 10T (Pyramid Teabag)

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New package! Osulloc Moon Walk Blended Organic Green Tea (1.8g x 10ea) Pyramid tea bag Post-fermented tea with the sweet, elegant flavor of korean pear 🍵PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Brand : Osulloc Amore Pacific Size : 1.8g x 10 Pyramid Teabag Expiration date: at least 12 months left Made in Korea Brewing Instructions ☕1Tea Bag 🍵150ml ♨️90℃ 🕑2min 🌙Azura night sea where the moon dances Silver moonlight and golden starlight undulate on the blue night sea of Jeju island, The thrilling feeling inside the mind shimmers like a mirage in the desert while walking along the moon's halo. This blended tea provides a harmonious aroma of deep soft fermented tea resembling Jeju's nighttime sea, a soft pear scent resembling the moon's halo, and a sparkling sweet candy scent reminiscent of nighttime starlight.