Organic Greens Powder Tablet - Super Greens Juice Superfood Powder Capsules With Spinach Kale Broccoli Green Onions Celery Barley Grass Spirulina - Morning Complete Mixed Greens Antioxidant Supplement

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  • 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC & NON-GMO - Our green superfood tablet formula is non-GMO, 100% Certified USDA Organic and third party tested to ensure you’re getting all the good stuff. Naychur’s super greens contain 28 of the most nutritious, antioxidant-dense power greens and fruits including: broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, kale, carrots, blueberries, beets, and more.
  • BOOST YOUR ENERGY - Our superfood tablets are packed with phytonutrients to help promote healthy energy levels without the crash you would normally get from caffeine drinks or sugar. Fuel your brain with the healthiest vitamins to support clear thinking and mental focus with two easy-to-take tablets a day.
  • SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - With regular use of Naychur’s super greens, you will help improve the metabolic function of your body. Naturally sourced fruits and vegetables in our superfood will promote healthy detoxification and immune function, while make it easier for your body to fight against free radicals.
  • NO MORE DISGUSTING SHAKES - If you are sick and tired of juicing everything or drinking nasty green lumpy powders, switch to Naychur’s 100% organic superfood tablets. Just take 2 tabs per day and enjoy the new you. No weird aftertastes, all while incorporating the benefits of the best 28 fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

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