[Extra Strength] Science Care Hair Vitamin Gummy Bear Hair Vitamin Gummies with Biotin, Vitamin A 60 Gummies

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About the product
  • EXTRA STRENGTH BEAUTY VITAMINS: Berry-flavored gummy bear hair vitamins designed to taste great, easy to chew gummy vitamins, easy to swallow and created as a fun and easy way to increase your vitamin intake for hair, skin and nails. Sugar bear hair biotin gummies include up 5000mcg of Biotin, 100% MORE than regular strength hair skin nail vitamins.
  • HIGH-IMPACT VITAMINS: Active vitamins and minerals include Biotin (5000mcg), Vitamin A (2100IU), Vitamin C (20mg), Vitamin D (400IU) + Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Iodine, Zinc, Choline, and Inositol; all combined to supply your hair skin and nails with the antioxidants they crave to grow strong and maintain their health.
  • BENEFITS: Pectin Sugar bear gummy bear hair vitamins and biotin for skin health is chock full of high-impact beauty vitamins for hair strength & hair growth, nail strength & nail growth and improved skin appearance. Designed to improve your hair health and density, promote fast and strong nail growth, and revitalize your skin. Plus, the natural fruit flavors make them a delicious daily treat.
  • DIRECTIONS: Adults take 2 vitamin bears biotin gummies daily.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: One (1) 60-count bottle (1-month supply) of biotin gummies hair vitamins.