(2 Pack) Liquid Vitamin D3 with K2 - Vitamin D3 Drops 10000 IU + Sublingual Vitamin k2 Liquid with Coconut Oil | Supports Your Bones & Heart and Boost Your Immune System | Organic Vitamin D K2 Liquid

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Brand: Everelief


  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM ORGANIC - Liquid vitamin D is essential in activating your immune response and contribute to the normal function of the immune system. To unlock its full potential needs vitamin K2 drops to maximise its benefits.Vitamin D3 liquid + K2 supplement contains 10000 IU of bioactive sublingual vitamin D liquid and 200 mcg of liquid K2 Vitamin (MK-7) per serving, which helps you to get a reliable, powerful daily boost of these essential nutrients.
  • STRONG BONES & HEALTHY TEETH - Liquid D3 helps your body absorb the all-important calcium, and Vitamin K liquid directs the calcium to your bones instead of your joints and arteries, where too much calcium could be problematic. Both vitamin d3 k2 drops contribute to the maintenance of bones and teeth, making them the perfect pairing.
  • HEALTHY HEART | PROPER ABSORBTION - Everelief vitamin D with K2 ensures that calcium is absorbed and reaches your bone mass while preventing arterial calcification. Calcification occurs when calcium has been absorbed by the body, but deposited in arteries instead of bones. Our formula not only promotes the proper absorption of calcium with liquid vit D, but the correct distribution to your bones where you need it most.
  • SUNSHINE REPLACEMENT In YOUR HAND - Staying under sunlight is very important for maintaining optimal vitamin D3 levels. Most people aren’t getting a full dose of vit D every day, and it is hard to get from diet alone that's why we create Everelief vitamin D drops adult + K2 who delivers the same biologically active form of vitamin D produced from direct sunlight. Carefully formulated with coconut oil, flavorless and easy to swallow.
  • ONLY THE BEST | USA MADE - Everelief is committed to safety and purity in all our supplements, we stands for the highest quality of every product we sell. Vitamin D3 K2 liquid Supplement 10000 IU is made right here in USA, using only premium ingredients, it is free of soy, gluten, corn syrup, GMOs, and artificial additives. We manufacture our products in an approved facility, following strict guidelines, so you can be confident that you're fueling your body with the very best.

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Details: Vitamin D sublingual is an essential nutrient for the human body providing a stronger immune system, bone, muscle, and teeth support, but it needs Vitamin K liquid to be fully absorbed.Adding liquid vitamin K helps to maximize the benefits of vitamin D tincture and support healthy heart function.Everelief Vitamin D Oil Drops and K2 supplement contains 10000 IU of pure liquid vitamen d + 200 mcg of K2 (MK-7) per serving that has the best bioavailability and faster absorption. Everelief Vitamin D3 Liquid Drops K2 help to:✔ Boost immune system✔ Support heart health✔ Benefit bones, muscles, and teeth✔ Support cardiovascular and respiratory systems Why To Chose Us?

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