Yakult's Kale & Fruit Smoothie (15 bags in)

Yakult's Kale & Fruit Smoothie (15 bags in)

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Yakult's Kale & Fruit Smoothie (15 bags in)
● It is a smoothie that you can take green-yellow vegetables and fruits easily, with the nutrition-rich Kale said to be "the king of vegetables" and "super food".
Super food "Kale": It is a green yellow vegetable called a king of vegetables.
Barley grass (barley young leaves): The grace of the sun and the earth brought up soft young leaves before ears come out.
Yakult galactooligosaccharide: Oligosaccharide derived from lactose (lactose), hardly decomposed by digestive enzymes, and reaching the intestine.

● Green-yellow vegetable intake per day is about 30 g short for adults (※ 1). Approximately 30 g of green and yellow vegetable equivalent raw material is used for this product 1 bag (※ 2).

● Use of Kale and Barley Grass (barley young leaves) cultivated in pesticide / chemical fertilizer unused domestically

● Combination of stomach-friendly galacto-oligosaccharides
* 1: Promotion of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Goal of Health Japan 21 (Primary)" (120 g ) And Calculated based on the National Health and Nutrition Survey Results (92.8 g) in FY2004
* 2: Calculated based on the results of in-house research

● Easy and easy! Powder stick type

How to drink:
· This product is a powder type of individual packaging. As a dietary supplement, take 1 pouch per day as a rough standard, please dissolve in about 100 mL of water.
· After a few minutes you can enjoy a more delicious texture.
· Serving deliciously even if melted with about 100 mL of milk (ice · hot).