VitaPost D3K2 | D3 K2 Combines Vitamin K and Vitamin D with Calcium & BioPerine. D3 and K2 Supplements Healthy Bones, Heart & Muscles | 30 Capsules

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Brand: VitaPost


  • High Potency Vitamin D; VitaPost D3K2 supplement contains 5000 iu (125mcg) of vitamin D3 in each capsule. Known as the sunshine vitamin, vit D helps the body to utilize calcium and provides support for heart health and healthy bones and immune system
  • K2 The Delivery Driver; If left to its own devices, calcium can build up in soft tissue, like arteries. Vitamin K2 (mk7) helps transport calcium from arteries to bones
  • Support Bone, Heart & Muscle Health; Vitamin D and calcium both support healthy heart function. Calcium is well known for supporting strong bones, and the calcium found in D3K2 is needed to move muscles
  • Enhanced Absorption; The addition of BioPerine puts our D3 K2 supplement a step ahead of other vitamin d3 and k2 supplements. An extract of peppercorn, BioPerine can increase vitamin absorption into the body
  • Premium Quality; All VitaPost dietary supplements are made in an FDA registered, GMP certified facility. We utilize independent third-party testing to ensure the quality and amount of the ingredients in the final products. VitaPost D3K2 is another example of our dedication to high standards


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