Vital Organic Greens Powder 200gm Organic Vegan

Vital Organic Greens Powder 200gm Organic Vegan

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Vital Organic Greens Powder 200gm
Vital Just Greens is a superfood powder containing 6 of the finest green superfoods to improve your general wellbeing, energy and vitality. The powder formula ensures maximum absorption.

Perfect to add to your morning smoothie or juice, it provides many beneficial antioxidants that will help to alkalise and cleanse your body.

Included in the powder are:
Wheat Grass
Barley Grass

Vital Greens can be used for people with dietary restrictions including people following gluten or dairy free diets. Developed in 2000 by two Sydney based naturopaths it can be used every day to maintain optimal health. Alternatively it can be used to kick start a detox, or boost energy levels, assist vitality and improve digestive and intestinal health.

1-2 teaspoonful'''s when desired