Swisse Kids Vitamin D3 200IU Liquid 30ml

Swisse Kids Vitamin D3 200IU Liquid 30ml

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Swisse Kids Vitamin D3 Liquid 30ml
Swisse Kids Vitamin D3 liquid is a premium quality, sugar free formula to help support the development of strong bones and maintain healthy muscles in children.

Healthy Bones & Muscles: Vitamin D helps the maintenance of strong, healthy bones and normal muscle function in children.

Bone Mineralisation: Vitamin D is important for bone mineralisation by contributing to the utilisation of calcium and phosphorus.

Increased Calcium Absorption: Formulated with naturally derived vitamin D3, which is retained in the bloodstream more effectively when compared to vitamin D2. Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium.

Vitamin D is important for both pregnant women and nursing infants, particularly in the first few months of life. Factors such as sunlight exposure, diet, maternal vitamin D levels and exclusive breastfeeding can be influential in the vitamin D status of infants. Infants who are breastfed may require vitamin D supplementation to maintain adequate vitamin D levels.

Swisse Kids Vitamin D3 liquid has been formulated based on scientific evidence to support healthy bones and muscles in children.

Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Each 0.5 Ml Contains:
Vitamin D3 (As Colecalciferol
5 Mcg) 200 IU