Sunfood, Indonesian Coconut Palm Sugar, 454 g

Sunfood, Indonesian Coconut Palm Sugar, 454 g

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Sunfood, Indonesian Coconut Palm Sugar, 454 g
'' 100% Organic
'' No Preservatives
'' No Additives
'' No Added Sugars
'' The Delicious Alternative Sweetener
'' USDA Organic
'' Non-GMO Project Verified
'' Vegan
'' Certified Organic by CCOF
'' Magnesium- Heart & Bones
'' Potassium- Muscle Repair & Growth
'' Trace Minerals- Maintenance & Repair

100% Certified Organic Coconut Palm Sugar
Coconut palm sugar comes directly from Indonesian coconut trees, Cocos nucifera. It is made by evaporating coconut sap from the tropical palm flowers. Farmers gently cut the buds and collect the sweet nectar using traditional methods. The syrup is then kettle-warmed, dehydrated, and ground into crystals to make a delicious low-glycemic sweetener.

The Sunfood Difference
Our organic coconut palm sugar looks similar to brown sugar; however, our has not been chemically altered or enhanced in any way, making it a pure, natural, whole food sweetener. Coconut palm sugar is one the most sustainable sweeteners in the world, as tropical coconut palms require little water to thrive, and can help restore damaged soils and regenerate neighboring ecosystems.

Suggested Use:
Coconut palm sugar dissolves easily in liquids and can be used 1:1 in place of regular sugar in recipes and beverages.

Suggested Recipe:
Chocolate Cheesecake
'' 1 cup Brazil nuts
'' 2 tbsp agave nectar
'' 1 tbsp coconut oil
'' 1 tsp vanilla powder
'' 1 pinch Kalahari Desert salt
'' 2 1/2 cups cacao powder
'' 11/2 cups coconut palm sugar
'' 1 1/2 cups coconut oil