Smarter Vitamin D3 Plant-Based D3 with K2 Complex 60 Vegetarian Caps

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  • PREMIUM PLANT-BASED VITAMIN D3 | Unlike other Vitamin D pills that are excreted from sheep's glands, then chemically processed, Smarter Nutrition's Vitamin D3 comes from the most premium plant source of active Vitamin D3.
  • 4 NATURAL INGREDIENTS | Smarter Nutrition Vitamin D3 is encapsulated in vegetarian softgels with organic extra virgin coconut oil for faster bioavailability than powdered products. The medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil provide quick energy for the body and enable fast absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins D3 and K2. It's the optimal blend of ingredients for safety and maximum benefits.
  • FULLY BIOAVAILABLE VEGETABLE SOFTGELS | Using cutting edge technology, Smarter Nutrition Vitamin D3 is encapsulated in clinically proven and patented vegetarian softgels, free from chemical coatings, fillers, and synthetic binders. Using cutting-edge technology, we deliver premium, plant-based vitamins D3 and K2 in coconut oil to make Smarter Vitamin D3 fully bioavailable.
  • INCLUDES VITAMIN K2 | We've added a vitamin K2 complex to our smarter formula to give you a product that supports complete bone health. Vitamin D3 pulls calcium into the bloodstream, but it's actually vitamin K2 that pushes calcium from your blood and into your bones.
  • 5,000 IU OF VITAMIN D3 | Having healthy Vitamin D levels does more than support a healthy immune system, it also directly affects the health and expression of more than 2000 genes in your body, which has been shown to help improve mood and mental wellbeing, muscle function, cardiovascular health, respiratory system health, and brain health.

Publisher: Smarter Nutrition

The importance of healthy vitamin D levels to overall wellness has been well documented, but much of the US population is still vitamin D deficient.
Vegans & vegetarians are at an even higher risk for deficiency since many dietary sources of vitamin D & supplements come from animals.
In fact, most mass-marketed vitamin D supplements are derived from bodily fluids secreted through the sebaceous glands of sheep.
Smarter Nutrition Vitamin D3 doesn't contain hidden byproducts; it's sustainably sourced from nutrition-packed plants called lichens.

Lichens produce a potent, clean vitamin D3 that's naturally free from contaminants.
Smarter Nutrition Vitamin D3 is co-formulated with a premium vitamin K2 complex.

Why? Because recent studies show that taking vitamin D on its own could actually be harmful.
Vitamin D3 has many important functions, but perhaps the most vital is calcium absorption.
Once it's absorbed, however, the calcium must be utilized correctly or it can build up in the wrong places and cause disease.
That's where our smarter formulation with vitamin K2 complex enters the equation.

How Does it Work?
Vitamin D3 works to pull calcium into your bloodstream.
Vitamin K2 then pulls the calcium out of your blood, protecting arteries, & pushes it into your bones where it belongs.
To work safely & effectively, vitamin D3 simply must to be taken in conjunction with a vitamin K2 complex.

The Smarter Nutrition Standard
Smarter Nutrition Vitamin D3 includes coconut oil with medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that provide quick energy for the body & enable fast absorption of fat-soluble vitamin D3.
Formulated by the top nutrition experts in the industry (25+ years formulating & manufacturing), Smarter Nutrition Vitamin D3 is encapsulated in premium vegetarian softgels