Skinvil Hot Cleansing Gel 200g Ori Japan Facial Cleanser

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Skinvil Hot Cleansing Gel 200g Ori Japan Facial Cleanser, cleanser terkenal dari Jepang, membuka pori wajah anda dan membersihkan make up dan pori pori ke dalam, serta debu dari udara. Kulit dijamin kencang dan halus.


Contains 99.7% beauty serum ingredients - skinvill's highest ever. With an increased warm sensation & warm sensation sustainability. (Effects vary from person to person.)
Opens the pores and cleanly removes makeup, pore impurities and dirt caused by airborne particles. Contains hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf extract which has a skin-tightening effect, so after washing your skin will feel tightly toned. With a melting formulation that envelopes makeup and dirt. This absorbs makeup and impurities, and then cleanses. It can remove makeup without scrubbing. Also, there is no need to wash your face twice.

sold out last year were also released this year. When put on the skin, a warm gel (warm gel) entangles the dirt of the pores and leads to a beautiful skin full of transparency. By lightly massaging while feeling a comfortable warmth, you can turn off make-up dirt, pore contamination, atmospheric dust etc. that can not be removed by washing. Washing face washing is unnecessary with a refreshing washing up.

[How to use]
- I will put out an appropriate amount (about Muscat grain size) of gel on the palm of your hand.
· Massage gently to draw a circle so that it spreads over the entire face from 30 seconds to 1 minute.
· Please rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.