Scar Cream Gel - Retinol, Allantoin, Vitamin E, Betaine - C-Section, Tummy Tuck, Keloid, Acne Removal Treatment - Advanced Post Surgery Supplies - Try Surgical Silicone Sheets, Tapes, Patches - 1.7 oz

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  • Scar Removal For All Marks - Made with retinol and allantoin, our formula helps promote skin health, firmess, and elasticity to reduce the appearance of all types of scars including surgical, burn, hypertrophic, keloids, and acne scars. Make your skin look smooth and even, your beauty lies within the skin.
  • Scar Gel Improves Skin - Non-surgical scar removal has never been easier. Nuvadermis Scar Gel significantly minimizes the texture and tone of scars, making skin smooth and soft. No need for invasive surgical scar removal procedures. Just rub Nuvadermis into the scar twice per day until smooth-looking skin is achieved.
  • Medical Grade Ingredients - Reduce the size of new scars in as little as 8 weeks and old ones in 3-6 months! Our scar gel is proven to help flat and smooth scar texture in all skin types. Made from medical-grade ingredients like Retinol, Allantoin, and Vitamin E to help nourish and moisturize the skin.
  • Safety & Quality First - GMP certified advanced scar gel is a safe and effective gel designed for scars. Our gel is manufactured under the highest hygienic standards and quality control. The product is Cruelty, GMO, and Gluten-free. Nuvadermis is the solution for scars.
  • Your Beauty Matters - Nuvadermis is committed to providing the highest quality product experience along with exceptional customer service. If you are not satisfied with our scar removal gel, please reach out to us. Our team will do everything to solve the problem at the earliest. Change your skin for the better.

model number: NVSGC-01

Part Number: NVSC-01

Details: The road to clear skin starts here! Nuvadermis Scar Gel works great for all scar types. Our silicone scar gel is made with medical-grade ingredients that are time-honored in minimizing the appearance of scars. The gel is also formulated to moisturize, soothe, and protect the skin so it feels radiant, soft, and refreshed. Here are some of the benefits: ➊ Minimizes the color and texture of scar tissue & relieves itching and discomfort from scarring. ➋ Softens surgical scars, keloid scars, burns, facial reconstruction, hypertonic & acne scars. ➌ Smooths fine lines and wrinkles and creates a velvety surface to apply makeup and foundation. ➍ Works as a barrier against the elements and as a protective base layer outdoors to keep skin hydrated Deeply moisturizing to promote skin health, the scar gel works by reducing the size of the scars. This gel formula stimulates the development of collagen in the dermis and creates a surface that is conducive to rapid scar remodeling. Gel has protective properties and provides a temporary barrier for scars allowing them to safely heal. Add this Silicone Scar Gel To Your Cart, and love & pamper yourself.

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