Reserveage Beautiful Legs, Diosmin, Resvetarol Supports Circulation 30 Caps

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About the product
  • SMOOTH, DEFINED, YOUTHFUL: Beautiful Legs with Diosmin is a nourishing blend to promote flawless skin, free of spider veins
  • CITRUS FOR BEAUTY: Diosmin, a derivative of citrus, helps smooth skin tone and supports healthy vein structure for reduced visibility
  • FROM THE GRAPEVINE: An antioxidant-rich combination of Grape Seed Extract and trans-Resveratrol support circulation and oxygenation
  • NATURAL & EFFECTIVE: The power of our formula draws from time-honored ingredients like Horse Chestnut and Butcher’s Broom
  • JOURNEY FOR WELLNESS: Our vision is shaped by nature and cultures around the world striving to improve how we look, feel, and think