Protein Hot Chocolate, 15g Protein, Variety Pack, Keto Hot Chocolate Mix, Low Carb Hot Cocoa, Includes 6 Different Flavors, Instant Hot Coco (1 Box)

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Brand: Wholesome Provisions


  • HOT COCO TASTE WITH HEALTH BENEFITS: Our Protein Hot Chocolate is packed with 15g of protein and is also Keto-friendly! Very low in sugar and low in NET CARBS! Amazing nostalgic and comforting taste and texture without the guilt. GLUTEN FREE.
  • FLAVOR VARIETY PACK: This package includes 6 different flavors of our Protein Hot Chocolate. Flavors are as follows: Classic (2x), Amaretto (1x), Cinnamon (1x), Mocha (1x), Mint (1x), and Raspberry (1x)!
  • PERFECTLY PORTION OUT PACKAGES: Each box contains 7 individually portioned out packages (you will receive 2 packets of Classic flavor). Easy to control your macros and convenient to store and/or travel with.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO MAKE: Enjoy a hot cup of chocolate cocoa in minutes! Simply add contents to a mug and add hot water or warm unsweetened almond milk. Get creative and add to your coffee, protein shake, or baked goods for a chocolate protein boost! Easy to mix, won't clump!
  • HIGH PROTEIN AND LOW CARB/SUGAR: One serving contains 15g of protein and is very low in carbs. Protein Hot Cocoa also does not contain gluten.
  • LOOKING FOR MORE PROTEIN?? Search for other Wholesome Provision products. We offer High Protein Chips, Cereal, Keto Sweeteners, Keto Chocolate Chips, and so much more!

Details: Round out your day with this classic comforting warm drink. Our hot chocolate is low carb, sweet, and creamy. Enjoy the nostalgic taste that's packed with 15g of protein per serving. Easy to mix and won't clump and gluten free! Enjoy with hot water, warm unsweetened milk, or mix into your morning coffee for a protein and flavor boost! This variety pack comes with 6 different flavors! Enjoy the following flavors: Classic (2x), Amaretto (1x), Cinnamon (1x), Mocha (1x), Mint (1x), and Raspberry (1x)!

Package Dimensions: 5.7 x 4.0 x 3.0 inches