Probiotics for Women with 50 Billion CFU from 20 Strains - Shelf-Stable Womens Probiotic with Prebiotic and Cranberry to Support Vaginal Health and Gut Health, 60 Capsules

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Brand: Viva Naturals

Color: Probiotics for Women


  • Helps Support Digestive Health* – Includes strains clinically studied with 82% of participants having a reduction in occasional gas & bloating when taken for 4 months.* This lactobacillus supplement helps provide beneficial gut bacteria and support healthy digestion.*
  • Supports Vaginal Health* – Our probiotics are made for women’s specific needs, with strains to help replenish vaginal flora with beneficial bacteria.* We’ve also included cranberry, which has been used traditionally to support urinary tract health and shown to scavenge free radicals.*
  • 50 Billion CFUs & 20 Scientifically Studied Strains – Formulated with 20 scientifically studied probiotic strains, each serving of our probiotics for women digestive health supplement delivers 50 billion CFUs of the highest-quality lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains in easy-to-swallow capsules.*
  • Helps Supports A Healthy Gut Microbiome* – We’ve included strains that have been clinically shown to reduce the binding of bad bacteria and yeast in female subjects by up to 3X after taking antibiotics after giving birth by C-section.* Our gut health supplements for women help balance gut microflora to support a healthy gut microbiome, an important factor in overall immune health.*
  • Guaranteed Shelf Stable, No Refrigeration Required – Our easy-to-swallow BioXtend womens probiotic vag health capsules are made to withstand harsh stomach acids, so that all strains are delivered and released in the gut. Fully shelf-stable, guaranteed to contain 50 billion CFUs until expiry.

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Details: Whether you’re looking to support gut and vaginal health, or need a solution to help with occasional stomach bloating and gas, Viva Naturals Women's Probiotics may help.* Our probiotic supplement delivers 50 billion CFUs, in 20 scientifically studied lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains. We also include cranberry concentrate in our female probiotics formula, which has been traditionally used to support women’s health.* Cranberry supplements can also protect cells from the effects of oxidation.* If you’re looking for 50 billion probiotics for women that support both vaginal and digestive health, this is one of the best nutritional supplements for you.* Stomach acid is highly corrosive, and can quickly destroy probiotics and live-cultures if they’re not properly protected. Our probiotics women supplement is served in unique BioXtend™ capsules, specially designed to withstand harsh stomach acid. These protective capsules ensure that all 50 billion CFUs in our gut probiotics survive the journey through your stomach, and are only released when they get to your gut.

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