Oxy Cover-up Acne Pimple Medication 25g

Oxy Cover-up Acne Pimple Medication 25g

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Oxy Cover-up Acne Pimple Medication 25g
Oxy Cover is an effective acne-pimple medication which clears pimples fast.

Oxy Cover is maximum strength for the more stubborn cases that do not respond to mild acne treatments.

This is how Oxy Cover works effectively to treat pimples.
Kills acne bacteria that cause pimples: Unlike acne medicines which fight pimples only with keratolytic action, the Benzoyl Peroxide in Oxy Cover actually kills the acne bacteria that cause pimples.
Helps dry up excessive oil: When applied to pimple areas Oxy Cover helps dry up excessive oil.
Helps unblock pores: Oxy Cover helps keep skin clear by helping to unblock pores which have become clogged with blackheads and oily secretions.
Hides pimples: oxy cover is a flesh tone, odourless, greaseless cream that covers up acne pimples while it treats them.

This is different from Oxy 10 since the beige color could camouflage the redden pimple.
Except the color, the active ingredients in the product would be the same as Oxy 10.
The name cover indicate the camouflage function of the product.