NH Nutri Grains Matcha 8 sachets x 25g

NH Nutri Grains Matcha 8 sachets x 25g

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NH Nutri Grains Matcha 8 sachets x 25g
Another great combination that will sure ignite your tastebuds! Matcha is well-known for its high antioxidant content, making it one great thing that you shouldn’t neglect for a healthy diet.

NH Nutri Grains with Matcha is definitely a wholesome drink that will appeal to a wide range of people while accommodating to the palettes of matcha lovers!

About Matcha:
Matcha comes from the plant Camellia Sinensis, the same plant used to make green tea. Its cultivation and production process are different from green tea however. Matcha tea plants are shielded from sunlight before harvesting.

This action increases its chlorophyll and amino acids content, contributing to the unique taste of Matcha. Since Matcha is made from stone-ground whole tea leaves, it is also more nutritious and contains higher potent antioxidants than steeped green tea (Weiss DJ et•al., 2003).

Mix 2 scoop (25g) of powder with a glass of cold or hot water (200ml), stir well and drink after preparation . Tasty as a hot or cold.