New Ammerz Yokoyoko A 80 ml Muscular Stiff Aches

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New Ammerz Yokoyoko A 80 ml
It is effective for painful stiff shoulder and muscle pain
New Ammerz Yokoyoko A contains nicotinic acid benzyl ester as the active ingredient. With excellent effectiveness, I will cure the painful stiff shoulder and muscle aches.

It is odorless There is almost no odor peculiar to anti-inflammatory analgesics. 
People who are concerned about the smell in public and can be applied with peace of mind even those who are sensitive to smell.

It is a easy-to-paint bottle, easy tohold, easy to paint functional containers. The neck part is bent and the rubber cap is perfectly in contact. Even with the affected part that is hard to coat such as back and waist, it can apply an appropriate amount smoothly and smoothly.

Directions :
Please apply the appropriate amount to the affected area several times a day

Notes on dosage 
To let children use it, make them use under guidance and supervision of parents
Be careful not to get in your eyes If you get in your eyes, immediately wash with warm or lukewarm water If the symptoms are serious, get medical attention immediately

Use only for external use
Do not cover the coated area with bad breathable objects such as wrap film
Do not continue applying to the same place, especially those with weak skin