Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Face Mask, Chemical & UV-Free with Clinically Proven Blue & Red Acne Light

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About the product
  • 1-count of Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Face Mask to clear breakouts and to allow skin to heal
  • Features clinically proven light therapy technology. It harnesses blue light to target acne-causing bacteria & red light to reduce acne inflammation
  • Is clinically proven to be gentle enough for sensitive skin. 90% of subjects who’ve experienced irritation from topical acne treatments in the past agreed that this light therapy acne mask was gentle to their skin
  • This one-step light acne treatment covers your face and is easy to use at home. After cleansing, put the mask on. Push the button and let it work for 10 minutes. You can sit back and relax until it automatically shuts off
  • Harness this s chemical-free & UV-free acne light treatment with dermatologist in-office acne technology. Use every day to see clearer & healthier skin.