Nature's Way Trinovin Prostate Urinary 90 Tablets

Nature's Way Trinovin Prostate Urinary 90 Tablets

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Nature's Way Trinovin 90 Tablets
As you get older you may start to pay more attention to your Genito-urinary system ''" your '''waterworks'''. It is a complex structure that performs some widely differing tasks, and keeping the system healthy is important for general health as well as avoiding specific discomfort. Many men over 50 years old experience urination discomfort associated with prostate health such as increased urinary frequency, increased urination at night, weakening of the urine stream, intermittent flow of urine, straining to start urination and incomplete emptying of the bladder.

Diet rich in isoflavones is thought to be associated with men'''s prostate health. Isoflavones are a group of plant compounds found mainly in legumes; including red clover, chickpeas, beans and lentils. Research has identified four principle dietary isoflavones: biochanin A, formononetin, daidzein and genistein. Red clover, unlike many other legumes, contains all four of these isoflavones. Some men in Eastern and traditional communities consume large amounts of isoflavones in their diets, these men are far more likely to maintain normal prostate and urinary health later in life when compared to men in typical 'western' cultures as Western men typically have a low intake of isoflavones.

Trinovin'''s active ingredient is a natural plant extract from red clover Trifolium pratense. It helps maintain prostate and urinary health through its use of red clover isoflavones. Research has shown it may also assist in relieving the symptoms:
Urinary frequency;
Urination at night;
Broken stream; and
Straining to urinate.

Take one tablet daily with food.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your health care professional.