Nature's Way Superfoods Spirulina Organic Powder 100g

Nature's Way Superfoods Spirulina Organic Powder 100g

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Nature's Way Superfoods Spirulina Organic Powder 100g
Spirulina is a superfood that contains the nutrient Iron to help support normal energy production and vitality.

Choose Nature’s Way Super Spirulina for it’s organic status and 100% purity – no gluten, no artificial additives and no preservatives.

Spirulina contains iron which is necessary for energy production, normal immune system function and normal cognitive function. – Spirulina helps support energy production to help keep you feeling great!

Nature’s Way Super Spirulina is organic, ensuring you get the nutrition you expect from a superfood. Super Spirulina contains only 100% pure organic Spirulina, and is completely free from additives, preservatives or pesticides.

Spirulina is perfect for anyone looking to help support:

Energy production
Normal immune system function
Healthy cognitive function
The reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Use Super Spirulina in our Spirulina recipes, or power-up your cereal, green smoothies or salad. Simply sprinkle into your juices, savoury cooking or in dips.

Add 1 heaped teaspoon (5g) to your cooking, baking, salads, dips, smoothies or juices.

Store below 25Deg C. Avoid direct sunlight or heat.