NaturaNectar, Bee Propolis Ultimate, 60 Vegetable Capsules

NaturaNectar, Bee Propolis Ultimate, 60 Vegetable Capsules

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NaturaNectar, Bee Propolis Ultimate, 60 Vegetable Capsules
Bee Propolis Ultimate
Today we are exposed to more noise, pollution, and life challenges than ever before, creating a potential overload that can threaten our wellness, mental alertness and happiness. Like the bees that protect their hives and healthy with their propolis. NaturaNectar's Bee Propolis Ultimate supplement can uniquely support your health.

My Wellness Zone
This product supports the health of:
• Cardiovascular System
• Endocrine System
• Immune System
• Nervous System
• Respiratory System
• Reproductive System
• Circulatory System
• Hepatic System
• Lung Cells
• Blood Cells
• Liver Cells
• Brain Cells
• Prostate Cells
• Mucous Membrane Cells
• Pancreas Cells
• Skin/Nail/Hair Cells
• Breast Cells
• Heart Cells
• Larynx Cells

A trusted brand based on our scientific understanding of the magnificent benefits of honeybees and their bee propolis.
At NaturaNectar, we understand the nature and science behind the beehive and find our inspiration there. With the same focus and dedication of the honeybees to build sustainable and productive hives with their propolis, our company is dedicated to bringing you wellness products imbued with the same protective propolis to help you live an active and healthy life. We commit our corporate resources to the vital research needed to ensure that honeybees continue to be nature's true marvels as well as supporting the surrounding communities that help harvest our bee propolis in a sustainable way.
Quality from the Source.

Suggested Use:
Take one capsule by mouth once a day to support overall health. Consult your practitioner for higher dosages.