Menokit Bundle | Provitalize, Previtalize and inergyPLUS bundle - Natural Menopoause Probiotic and Prebiotic with a boost of energy

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Brand: Better Body Co.


  • ✅ Reduced unhealthy, stubborn fats

Details: After talking to hundreds of ladies, we realized that the top 3 things that bother ladies the most about menopause are: Unwanted weight gain Hot Flashes Low energy. So we decided to do something that can ease these pesky symptoms effectively. And make the lives of menopausal women everywhere a whole lot easier. Introducing the Menokit Bundle - Probiotics, Prebiotics & Natural Energy To Make Menopause A Breeze - Provitalize: Our leading probiotic supplement that contains special probiotic strains which aid in reducing unwanted weight gain. Studies also indicate that its supporting ingredients — like curcumin — may reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. - Previtalize: The Provitalize Accelerator. These “super fibers” help the probiotics in Provitalize to colonize the gut faster and live longer. This is great news for ladies who want to reach their ideal weight faster & maintain it for longer. - inergyPLUS: Our popular energy supplement. A synergistic blend of 13 carefully-chosen ingredients that enhances our body’s natural ability to produce clean, long-lasting energy without jitters or crashes. This means... No more coffee!

Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches