Lululun Face Mask Precious White 32 Sheets

Lululun Face Mask Precious White 32 Sheets

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Lululun Face Mask Precious White 32 Sheets
Anti-aging skin care WHITE - For the ultimate translucent skin.

Brighten and lift mature skin with the LuLuLun Face Mask in Precious White; a luxurious daily treatment developed in Japan to deliver anti-aging benefits while evening out skin tone with long-term results.

Multi-vitamins and 3 types of plant extract penetrate deep into skin.
Packed full of multivitamins;
including Vitamin C derivative, vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and provitamin B5.
Also contains plenty of asai extract from nature, avocado extract and rose apple leaf extract.These ingredients dring noticeable brightness and translucency to mature skin.

Improved fit and more liquid!
Ultra thick, plump sheets
A “water tank full of moisture” full of beautifying ingredients is gently sandwiched between “skin absorption support layers” to create ultra thick, plump sheets that help moisture penetrate your skin.

Easy to remove, easy to apply
We desgined a special package so you can easily pull out a mask in just five seconds.
Serum is distributed evenly through all masks, and they also do not dry out easily.

Directions :
Please use it for cleansing skin after cleansing.
Fit the eye and mouth part to fit your face.
Please leave it for 10-15 minutes. It is effective when warming like wrapping it with the palm.
Fold the mask fold lightly. After that use Lulurun Cream Mask.
Please use it instead of make-up water for skin care every day in the morning and the night.