LoveBug Probiotics for Kids Childrens Probiotic Supplement for Children 60 Caps

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Brand: Lovebug Probiotics

Award Winning 

  • DESIGNED FOR KIDS 4 YEARS AND UP: Little Ones probiotics are designed to help support a healthy digestive system during the early stages of development. Specially formulated for kids 4+, the easy to swallow 6 mm spheres are drama free and include a patented delivery technology giving them 15x more survivability than gummies, chewables or powders.
  • WHY WE'RE DIFFERENT: Our formulation of supplements has a proprietary blend of top probiotic strains, determined by our researchers to provide optimal benefits to kids 4+. We take everyone into account, which is why all of our products are Non-GMO, allergen free and include NO artificial colors or flavors.
  • PRODUCT CONTAINS: 1 bottle, 60 easy to swallow 6 mm spheres. LoveBug Little Ones probiotics for kids 4+ are multi-strain and also include added prebiotics. Non-GMO, sugar free and have a natural orange flavor. With 3 billion active cultures (comparable to a 45 billion chewable) & multi-strain support, including Lactobacillus GG. Supports a child's digestive + immune health.
  • WHAT IS THIS FOR: From our modern dietary choices to our over sanitizing and hygiene habits, there are many things that can affect the balance of healthy bacteria crucial for proper digestion and immune function. Adding probiotic supplementation can help repopulate your child's gut, aid with nutrient absorption, and support their natural defenses, building the foundation of lifelong health.


Unprotected, the vast majority of live probiotics entering the stomach won't survive to reach optimal sites in the gastrointestinal tract.

Powders, liquids, capsules, even cultured dairy products offer no real protection, losing most, if not all, of these sensitive organisms during passage through the stomach's harsh environment.

When our tablets are moistened by fluids in the stomach, a patented gel matrix forms, creating a protective layer that shields the beneficial bacteria from stomach acids and directs them to release later in their journey. Once inside the gastrointestinal tract, our probiotics begin to release, delivering a significantly higher percentage of the good bacteria throughout the day and throughout your gut, traveling deep inside your intestinal tract to where they will have the greatest benefit. Our Probiotics supplement will Enhance Immune System, Digestive Health & it's perfect for Women & Men. This is the only controlled-release technology available for probiotics on the market today and is patented in 33 countries.


Take 1 tablet per day before food.

Take 2 tablets per day before food. Store in a cool dry place. For maximum potency, keep refrigerated