LABO Nutrition Perfect Krill EX Ultra Strength 500mg Omega-3

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LABO Nutrition Perfect Krill EX • Krill Oil with Proven Health Benefits • Ultra Strength 500mg Omega-3

LABO Nutrition PERFECT KRILL EX is a highly concentrated krill oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, as well as Phospholipids and Choline, well protected by the naturally powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin. It is the most stable and easy-to-digest form of omega-3. It is developed using an exclusive and patented technology that removes undesirable salts while up-concentrating beneficial constituents, to result in unprecedented digestibility, absorption, and potency.

The enhanced PERFECT KRILL EX not only contains higher amounts of phospholipids and choline, it also smells and tastes better. With more than 80 patents, this krill oil is most clinically researched and proven to promote heart, brain, liver, and joint health. Powered by the phospholipids, PERFECT KRILL EX guarantees delivery of omega-3s, EPA and DHA, to the body more effectively than fish oils. The natural component of astaxanthin in krill oil helps maintain freshness and stability without the need for preservatives.

The improved formulation of PERFECT KRILL EX, attributed to the naturally occurring components of choline and phospholipids, provides additional advantages beyond the conventional benefits of omega-3 supplements.

Health Benefits of LABO Nutrition PERFECT KRILL EX:

✓ Greater Bio-availability than Fish-Oil

✓ Promotes Heart health

✓ Promotes Joint health

✓ Promotes Liver health

✓ Promotes Emotional health

✓ Support cellular functions

✓ Powerful antioxidant

Why Choose LABO Nutrition PERFECT KRILL EX:

1. Superior quality, 100% pure antartic Krill Oil

2. About 3x more Phospholipids, 2x more bioavailability and effective

3. Pharmaceutical grade, extra strength, Omega-3 enhanced

4. Scientifically proven health benefits/backed by more than 80 patents worldwide.

5. Safe and easy to swallow/digest.

Directions: Recommended Dosage: 1 to 2 softgels daily with water • For joint & brain health: 1 softgel daily • For heart health & healthy cholesterol: 2 softgels daily for the first 3 months, 1 softgel daily thereafter for maintenance • For liver, eye & skin health: 2 softgels daily for the first 3 months, 1 softgel daily thereafter for maintenance • For women's wellness: 4 softgels daily for the first month; cyclic intake thereafter 8 days prior to and 2 days during menstruation

Blistered packaging ensures potency & freshness of each softgel from point of production till the item reaches your hands. You can be assured that each individually blistered softgel is of Pharmaceutical grade and the highest quality possible.

Made in USA.