LABO CHOLRestore 90 veggie caps • Healthy Blood Lipid Levels

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LABO CHOLRestore is a natural and holistic formula made with proprietary blend of functional premium Red Yeast Rice and phytosterol - Oryza Rice Sterol from Japan. The combined properties both super ingredients help to promote healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels and support healthy cardiovascular system through a 3-prong approach.

3 Powerful Actions: • Reduces cholesterol production by the liver • Helps block the absorption of dietary cholesterol • Facilitates the discharge of cholesterol

Benefits of LABO CHOLRestore:

1. Supports healthy cholesterol & triglyceride levels

2. Support smooth blood circulation & healthy cardiovascular system

3. Support healthy body weight, blood glucose level

4. Support healthy inflammatory response

5. Support prostate health

Superior Qualities of CHOLRestore: ✓ High Potency ✓ Extra Strength Formula ✓ Organic Fermented Red Yeast Rice ✓ Naturally-Occurring Phytosterols ✓ Natural and Safe

ngredients: Red Yeast Rice (Monascus purpureus), Phytosterol (Oryza Sterol).

Direction of Use: 2 capsules daily Gluten-Free. No Wheat, Yeast, Milk Derivatives, Preservatives, Additives, Stimulants, Artificial Colouring or Flavouring.

Made in Singapore.