Kose Cosmeport Kokutousei Morning All-in-one Gel morning UV SPF50+PA

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Kose Cosmeport Kokutousei all-in-one Gel SPF50+ PA++++, 90g
Daily Dust Puru Ruby 
Strongest UV Cut ★ 
SPF 50 + PA ++++ 
Morning All in One Purulun Puruto Restore Gel 
1 Product 7 Role: Toner, Latex, Serum, Cream · Pack · Makeup Base · UV 
Carefully Selected Black sugar fermented extract (moisturizing) High concentration formulation 
Vitamin C derivative (product antioxidant) Combined 
powdered black sugar fermented extract 
SPF, PA Domestic standard 

How to use :
Fingers We take about 2 to 3 pieces of pearl grain and spread uniformly on the skin so that it gets it well from 5 places of jaws, cheeks, nose, and wishes. 
You can also use it with other skin care items.