KIYORA Japan Vegetable Greens Spirulina, Chlorrophyl 90 Tablet Diet

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KIYORA Bezier vegetable barrier salt sugar fat 90 grains
● Beauty and health of modern people I thought dietary support supplement. I condensed green nutrients tightly into one grain. Not only for people who are short of vegetables, but also for people who are concerned about nutritional balance. 

Focusing on the barrier effect of vegetables. "Salt sugar fat" which modern people tend to take too much, triple-care with the vegetables Tikara. In addition, 13 kinds of vegetable powder, Spirulina, iron chlorophyllin etc. are blended, support not only beauty and diet, but also healthy body creation support.
● Active Fiber Potassium Ingredients 
● Oolong Tea Polyphenols · Mushroom Chitosan Ingredients 
● Mulberry Leaves · Inulin · Broccoli Sprout Formulation 
● Spirulina · 13 Types of Vegetable Powder · Iron Chlorophyllin Ingredients 
● For Drinking Party / Plus for convenience store lunch / When you want to eat 

※ Package Design etc are subject to change without notice 

How to eat : 
As a dietary supplement, please enjoy with water or lukewarm water three times per day.