Kitsui Korean White 17 Sachet x 5g Pemutih Kulit Marine Collagen

Kitsui Korean White 17 Sachet x 5g Pemutih Kulit Marine Collagen

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Kitsui Korean White 17sx5g
KITSUI Korean White is used to brighten dull skin tone and lighten hyperpigmentation spots. Its also used to even out the skin tone and its completely safe. You'''re not going to turn into Snow White if you consume Kitsui Korean White, it will only make your skin brighter and reduce sun spots or hyperpigmentation spots.

The super fruit Camu-Camu & Vitamin C inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps produce melanin. By inhibiting tyrosinase, it basically helps prevent melanin production so that the dark spots and hyperpigmentation stop dead in their tracks. Kitsui Korean White had been found tolighten the areas affected by hyperpigmentation but leave unaffected areas alone so it knows to focus on those troubled spots.

Living in our tropical climate, the desire for fair skin is a common lament. Experience fairer and luminious skin as soon as 7 days! Now, Kitsui Korean White has the solution to your problems.

Kitsui Korean White is designed to promote fairer and clearer complexion from head to toe.

'' Promote fairer skin from head to toe.
'' Lighten marks and scars.
'' Smooth lines and wrinkles to promote youthful look by strengthening skin barriers.
'' Deliver optimum hydration to reduce the signs of dehydrated skin.
'' Lighten and brightens skin texture.
'' Powerful anti-aging properties
'' Vital in the production of collagen
'' Boosts Immune system

Product Usage
Mix 1 packet into 150ml of warm water. Shake until dissolved and drink immediately after preparation. Drink plenty of water throughout the day for the best impression.
Product IngredientMaltodextrin, Marine Collagen Peptide, Acerola, Mixberries, Ascorbic Acid, Camu-Camu