Kinohimitsu Superfood lady 500g Minuman Nutrisi Khusus Wanita Beetroot

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Kinohimitsu Superfood lady 500g Minuman Nutrisi Khusus Wanita, mengandung semua tumbuhan bewarna pink , multigrain beverage ini diperkaya dengan Kalsium dan Zat besi yang digabung dengan Beetroot, Cranberry, Red Date dan longan,yang bermanfaat khusus untuk wanita.

This pinkalicious all plant-based multigrain beverage is fortified with Calcium and Iron, combined with Beetroot, Cranberry, Red Date and Longan that work together in a perfect state of harmony to fit every woman.

• Source of Fibre - Support digestive health
• High in Calcium - Good for development of strong bones and teeth & cardiovascular system
• High in Iron - Good for red blood cell formation
• High in Protein - Good for body toning & support immune cells
• Cranberry - good for urinary tract health
• Beet Root - good for increasing stamina & endurance
• Red Dates - good for nourishing
• Longan - good for blood circulation

Mix 2 scoops with 150ml-200ml of cold or lukewarm water.