Kinohimitsu ProWhite Glutathione Camu-camu,Berries 8g x 30's Whitening

Kinohimitsu ProWhite Glutathione Camu-camu,Berries 8g x 30's Whitening

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Kinohimitsu J'Pan ProWhite Glutathione Camu-camu & Berries 8g x 30's
Kinohimitsu J'Pan ProWhite
Luminous skin & healthy heart

Kinohimitsu J'pan ProWhite is a delicious functional drink that provides systemic health and beauty functions. It contains Glutathione and two 'superfruits' - Camu-camu and Maqui Berry to remove stains and reduce oxidative stress.

With a powerful nutritional package that works synergistically, Kinohimitsu J'pan ProWhite helps improve skin clarity and light, boosts the immune system and promotes a healthy heart for perfect and radiant skin in just a matter of weeks!

The Master of Antioxidants - Glutathione

Besides sun damage, aging also causes good age spots and skin often associated with a healthy heart.

When our hearts are bombarded by too many free radicals from unhealthy eating patterns, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and stress, our hearts reflect dark spots and dull and yellowish skin.

Most topical whitening products only work on the surface of the skin to lighten spots but they cannot penetrate to the skin layer where melanin production occurs.

Kinohimitsu J'pan ProWhite, works from the inside out where Glutathione, Master of Antioxidants is most concentrated in our hearts, acts as a powerful antioxidant against free radicals. Glutathione is also a very good de-pigment agent that prevents the formation of melanin from the root source ...

Paired with Camu-camu and Maqui Berry, Kinohimitsu J'pan ProWhite effectively removes blemishes, improves brighter skin and improves liver health for brighter skin tones!

1 sachet a day, preferably before going to bed. Open the sachet and pour it directly into the mouth or mix with 150 ml of water. Serve with cold water for a delicious taste.