JAPAN Shokaigan Cool Amino Acid Shampoo 500ml

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JAPAN Shokaigan Cool Amino Acid Shampoo 500ml • Healthier Growth • Stronger Hair

Shokaigan Cool Shampoo is a unique blend of 15 amino acids and 16 types of plant extract, infused with 3 natural refreshing ingredients to gently cleanse and refresh scalp; while richly nourishing to rehydrate and strengthen hair. Shokaigan Cool Shampoo is an approved Quasi-drug in Japan, scientifically proven to reduce hair loss and prime scalp for a healthier hair growth.

Proven Benefits:

✓ Reinforce & strengthen hair for added density

✓ Revive hair & scalp with a refreshing sensation

✓ Remove sebum build up & unclog hair follicles

✓ Calm itchy & sensitive scalp

✓ Energize hair bulb, reduce hair loss& thinning

Why choose Shokaigan Cool Shampoo?

1. Gentle on Scalp, Strong in Reducing Hair Thinning

2. Refreshing, minty sensation

3. Free from Harsh Ingredients

4. Proven effectiveness

SHOKAIGAN Cool Shampoo is recommended for:

• Itchy and sensitive scalp

• Improving hair and scalp health

• Individuals with weak hair and hair thinning concerns

• Those who want to improve hair condition to prevent premature hair loss

• Ideal for hot weather or after sports

• Suitable for men and women of all hair types

Direction of Use: Wet hair, massage into entire scalp, rinse well. Gently blot hair with towel. Use 1 to 3 pumps for each wash, one bottle lasts 2-4 months. For best results, follow with Shokaigan Intensive Hair Grow Tonic. Made in Japan.