JAPAN LipoBLOCK 180 caplets • No. 1 Super Fat Blocker

  • 640.000,00
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Worried about your weight? Unsightly bulges? You do not have to feel guilty anymore. AFC LipoBLOCK helps you lessen the guilt of food indulgences while keep your calories in check. AFC LipoBLOCK is a Super Fat Blocker that binds and eliminates up 300% of fats. It triggers fast fat-binding actions to wrap, absorb and expel excess fats and calories. AFC LipoBLOCK helps you keep your calorie intake in check while allowing you more freedom while eating.

Benefits of AFC LipoBLOCK:

✓ Effectively bind and expel dietary fats

✓ Reduce excess fat and calorie storage

✓ Promotes natural weight and fat loss

✓ Supports healthy blood lipids

✓ Promotes healthy bowel movement

✓ All natural, no-caffeine, stimulants and laxatives

Highly recommended for those who:

1. Indulge in fast foods, buffets, suppers, tidbits and fried foods

2. Are concerned with excess body weight

3. Have slow results from dieting or exercise

4. Have stubborn flabbiness and bulges

5. Dine out regularly

Direction of Use: Take 4-6 caplets 15 minutes before meal with one glass of water. Made in JAPAN.