Japan King Chlorella Green Superfood 1000's • 100% Vegan Formula

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Certified by Japan Health Food Association (JHFA), AFC King Chlorella is a super green food packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber and powerful antioxidants. It's ideal for those who want to slim down or to those who do not have much time to take care of their health due to a hectic lifestyle. It is suitable for all ages and contains the richest source of chlorophyll available (up to 20 times higher than alfalfa and 10 times higher than Spirulina). Benefits of AFC King Chlorella:

✓ Eliminates harmful toxin in the body ✓ Protects body against ultraviolet radiation ✓ Balancing body pH ✓ Supports cardiovascular, muscular and neural health ✓ Improves digestion, eases bowel movements ✓ Improves immunity and aids healing ✓ Regulates blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels. How Superior AFC King Chlorella is?

1. Certified by JHFA (Japan Health Food Association)

2. Organically grown outdoors (Chlorella grown indoors has no toxin-binding capacity)

3. Fully cracked cell walls for maximum absorption.

4. 5X more chlorophyll than green vegetables

5. Packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber and powerful antioxidant. A must-have for overall wellness especially for people with:

1. Poor dietary habits

2. Overweight problem

3. Hectic lifestyle

4. Digestive problem (constipation/IBS)

5. Weak or sickly body Direction of Use: Adults: 20 - 40 caplets a day, any time of the day Children: 5 - 10 caplets a day, anytime of the day Chronic patients: 40 to 60 caplets a day, anytime of the day. Ingredients: 100% nature chlorella, absolutely no fillers, binders, or flow agents. Precaution: Chlorella may interfere with blood thinners such as aspirin. Please consult your doctor before taking Chlorella if you are currently consuming blood thinners. 100% Vegan Formula Made in JAPAN.