JAPAN EXSHINee Easy Lift 8 in 1 Uplifting Formula

  • 800.000,00
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EXSHINee Easy Lift deeply penetrates and nourishes skin with its unique formula of more than 60 types of skin-loving ingredients including natural plant extracts and essential oils, 3 types of collagen, 5 types of hyaluronic acids, 4 types of ceramide and ectoine.

EXSHINee Easy Lift is the perfect solution for you if you need the following:

✓ Improvement in elasticity and firmness of the skin

✓ Reduce sagging skin, lighten fine lines

✓ Dissatisfied with your current skin care

✓ Always on the go, need all-in-one skin care

✓ Prefer light-textured gel cream

Direction of Use Suitable for all skin types, particularly for those concerned with skin ageing. Put an appropriate amount on a clean palm and gently apply on the entire face. Use it at night before sleep and in the morning before applying make up.

Alternative Use: Can be use as lifting massage cream: EXSHINee Easy Lift can be used as a massage cream to give your skin a rejuvenated treatment as well as improve micro-circulation. Easy deep face and neck lifting massage (5mins)