JAPAN Collagen Beauty MCP-EX 270 caplets

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AFC Collagen Beauty MCP-EX 270 caplets • Firming & Hydration

Superior Nourishment for Hydrated, Radiant Skin Collagen Beauty MCP-EX is a premium collagen supplement with triple revitalising action to rejuvenate your skin from inside out. Specially formulated with superior nutrients that possess restorative properties, it contains proprietary MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides from Japan; and is enriched with Shark Cartilage Extract and Vitamin C.

Discover smooth, supple and radiant skin in days. Benefits of AFC Collagen Beauty MCP-EX:

✓ Enhances collagen production

✓ Reduces visibility of wrinkles and open pores

✓ Promotes skin regeneration and aids in lightening of scars and pigmentation

✓ Restores skin firmness, hydration and radiance

✓ Beneficial for maintenance of joints and cartilage. Collagen Beauty MCP-EX is recommended for adults of any age, gender and skin types, especially helpful for addressing the first signs of lines, ageing and deteriorating skin conditions.

Direction of Use: Maintenance: 3 caplets Skin problems and aging: 6 caplets As the body response to Collagen is on individual basis. Monitor your body changes (skin enhancement or joints flexibility) better guide you to choose the most effective dosage.

Ingredients: Micro-Collagen Peptides - for easy absorption. Vitamin C - enhances collagen synthesis and absorption Shark Cartilage Extract - boost hydration and skin elasticity

Made in Japan