JAPAN Collagen Beauty 270s

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JAPAN Collagen Beauty 270s • Collagen Peptide • Marine Cartilage • Fish Collagen Peptide • Vitamin C

Your Essential Skin Food! ✓ Award-winning oral collagen supplement. ✓ Micro-collagen peptides for easy absorption. ✓ Added Shark Cartilage extract and Vitamin C for extra hydration and skin elasticity.

AFC Collagen Beauty is an effective collagen formula that visibly regenerates skin from within for a new level of hydration, firmness and radiance. This ultimate skin food contains Micro-Collagen Peptides, Shark Cartilage Extract and Vitamin C. Shark Cartilage extract is a powerful natural moisturizer that hydrates and promotes skin elasticity, providing elastin and collagen to further regenerate skin for a firm and healthy appearance.

Benefits: ✓ Promotes collagen production and skin regeneration ✓ Restores skin’s hydration, firmness and radiance ✓ Reduces appearance of wrinkles and open pores ✓ Supports cartilage, joint and bone health ✓ Evens out skin tone and clarity

Recommended for: AFC Collagen Beauty is best recommended as an overall skin vitality booster, addressing dehydration and improving the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores. Suitable for those with skin health concerns:

1. Dehydrated and saggy skin no matter how much facial products you use.

2. Obvious fine lines, wrinkles, spots and pigmentation

3. Uneven skin surfaces with large pores

4. Loss of suppleness and skin radiance

5. Weak bones, joint, hair follicle and brittle nails

Direction of Use: Consume 3-6 caplets daily, preferably before bedtime

Active Ingredients per serving of 6 caplets: Small Collagen Peptide 1560mg Shark Cartilage Extract, Fish Collagen Peptide & Vitamin C 28.8mg

Content: 1 pack - 300mg x 270 caplets (90 days supply) Made in JAPAN.