JAPAN CHO Renew 15's • Clearer Skin, Cleaner Intestine & Strong Immunity

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Cho Renew is specially formulated with 170 billion patented Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)-FK-23 and Bifidus Bacteria BB536, two of the most studied beneficial bacteria which are naturally found in our intestine.

LAB are most beneficial and fast colonizing probiotic sources, and when consumed in adequate amounts have been shown to aid digestion and re-balance gut flora, providing relief from the following health issues related to poor gut health:

• Poor gastrointestinal health

• Traveler’s tummy caused by changes in diet when travelling abroad • Post antibiotics treatment

• Poor digestion and bloating

• Irregular bowel movements

• Acne prone skin Functions of Cho Renew:

✓ Aid in digestion

✓ Boost immunity

✓ Improve skin problems

✓ Restore gut flora

✓ Assist detoxification

✓ Prevent constipation and diarhhea

✓ Improve absorption of nutrients

Direction of Use: Take 1 sachet daily with 300ml of coll water or take a sip of water to wet mouth and consume powder slowly with sips of water in between. Made in JAPAN.