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The world's most effective postbiotic supplement to heal your gut.”

- Dr. David Filsoof MD FACC

What Happens When You Have Holes In Your Gut?

  1. Toxins may seep out of your gut lining into your bloodstream and wreak havoc throughout the entire body.
  2. Proper digestion becomes almost impossible because crucial digestive enzymes and stomach acids can’t properly break down foods.
  3. Bad bacteria overcrowds the gut, causing a chain reaction of inflammation, fatigue and a poor immune system.

Seal Your Gut Lining with Inno Gut Protect to Experience:

  • Improved Digestion
  • Supercharged Energy Levels
  • Optimized Weight Loss
  • Improved Immune System Function

Endorsed by Cedars-Sinai Doctor,Dr. David Filsoof MD FACC


“Many of the health benefits linked with prebiotics and probiotics actually come from the production of postbiotics.”



CoreBiome® is the first of its kind on the market to offer the benefits of the unique butyrate compound for human consumption with no off-putting smell or taste. In your body, butyrate essentially repairs the small tears in your intestinal lining that allow undigested food and other toxic substances to seep into your bloodstream.

  • Clinically Proven to Repair Damaged Gut LiningStudies prove butyrate maintains the integrity of the gut lining, which supports digestive and overall health. Over time, it will actually help reverse the effects of damaged gut lining.
  • Help Regulate and Prevent InflammationButyrate patches up the holes in your gut, which will prevent toxins from seeping into your bloodstream and causing painful inflammation throughout your body.
  • Supercharge Your Immune SystemYour cells are like little machines that need fuel to do their best work in your body. When you nourish the cells of your gut lining with butyrate, you’ll get long-lasting support for your immune system.


Give your body total support beyond digestive health with a blend of healthy bacteria.

  • Rev Up MetabolismNourishing your gut with this blend of healthy bacteria will help kick-start your metabolism and supercharge your immune system, and FAST!!
  • Relieve Digestive DiscomfortRestored balance of your gut’s ecosystem can improve digestive issues that lead to bloating, cramps and occasional constipation, as well as fatigue, poor mood, and skin issues.
  • Block Damaging “Bad” BacteriaProbiotics help your body digest food and support your immune system by keeping “bad” bacteria at bay.


Toughen up your gut’s lining with this rich and powerful antioxidant.

  • Supports Healthy Gut MicrobiomeWith probiotic properties, grape seed extract helps "good" bacteria thrive in your gut, which may help bring balance your gut's ecosystem.
  • Fortify Your Gut HealthProtect your intestinal lining from the harmful effects of oxidative stress.
  • Clinically Proven ResultsStudies show that grape seed extract may help improve the gut’s barrier function.


Power of the Postbiotic

The end goal of taking pre- and probiotics is to create more postbiotics. Pre- and probiotics provide good gut bacteria, but optimizing your gut health isn’t complete without postbiotics. Think of it as a garden: the prebiotic is the soil, the probiotic is the seed and the postbiotic is the fruit that we want to grow.

Patch Up Your Gut Lining

The foods you eat may be tearing holes in your gut lining and allowing toxins to seep into your bloodstream, causing havoc throughout your entire body. Toughen that gut lining up so you can experience health and wellness around the clock!

Long-Term Immune Protection

Your immune system is only as healthy as your gut lining, and Inno Gut Protect will give you much more than just a boost — the main ingredient, CoreBiome®, is designed to support your immune system for the long haul.

Improve Body Composition

Your gut health is directly related to your overall body composition — a buildup of good bacteria in your digestive tract will help regulate weight and may improve your body’s ratio of fat and muscle.