FANCL White Force 221mg 180 Tb Whitening Clear Skin Vitamin C Niacin

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FANCL White Force for 30 days 180 grains
Approach to the beauty that is transparent from the inside. 
Focusing on the beginning of skin color melanin and spots that become key of whiteness, it incorporates beauty ingredients such as artichoke extract and hydroxytyrosol. To daily care. 
· hydroxytyrosol 
· L-cystine 
· artichoke extract 
· vitamin C 
· niacin For 
beauty with transparency, beauty ingredients beyond ultraviolet light Artichoke extract, hydroxytyrosol, L-cystine and vitamin C were formulated. Your original beauty is fundamental. 

Recomended For :
I want to continue every day without difficulty
I want to aesthetically pleasing beauty 
I want to be beautiful from the inside 

How to eat :
Take 6 capsules