FANCL Supplement For Women Multivitamin 60+ 30 Days Japan

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FANCL Supplement For women 15 to 30 days 30 bags (7 in 1 bag)
A supplement that contains high-grade ingredients for supporting daily life of people over 60s and for keeping their life more lively and more comfortable.

Support the power to look tired and the daily resulting from overuse
Approach to the joints with a small amount
Support the daily freeze
Approach to energy and rust, help to youthfulness
Basic of vitamins that can not be stocked in the body
Not Aragawa to age a rare component, cheer those who want to repeat time to Rashiku forward their own
Scarce mineral in modern people.

Recommended consumption: 1-2 bags/day
Contains 30 bags for a 15-30 day supply.