FANCL Eye Focus Lutein 10mg Astaxanthin 4mg 60 Tablet JAPAN

FANCL Eye Focus Lutein 10mg Astaxanthin 4mg 60 Tablet JAPAN

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FANCL 30 days 60 capsules
Please feel the power to focus adjustment power at hand of 'En shin' which is Japan's first functional display food as an eye supplement.
How to use Please take up to 2 tablets daily as a guide.

Firstly I think about the efficiency inside the body
Owing to the focus adjustment ability of the hand
To the health of middle-aged and older eyes
Small hand at hand is hard to read
I do not want to rely on glasses
Lutein cyanidin - 3 - Glucoside astaxanthin DHA
Plant-derived soft capsule
FANCL's commitment design
Multilateral support design
Clinically tested

2 grains Lutein: 10 mg, astaxanthin (as a free form): 4 mg, cyanidin-3-glucoside: 2.3 mg, DHA: 50 mg Cyanidin-3-glucoside Is included in blueberry (bilberry) extract 20 mg, black soybean seed coat extract 26.5 mg. * This product contains soybean as a part of raw materials. If you have food allergies please do not eat. ※ If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or underage, please do not eat.

Composite coloring, flavoring, preservatives all not added

Indication of intake per day
2 tablets

How to eat:
Protect the standard amount and please enjoy it with water etc.