EyePromise Restore Supplement - 60 Softgel Capsules Containing Lutein, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Omega-3 Fish Oil, and Zeaxanthin - A Patented Complete Macular Health Formula

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Brand: EyePromise

Color: Purple


  • Restore & Protect - EyePromise Restore offers a full suite of essential nutrients to build your eyes’ natural protection, or internal sunglasses to proactively address the concern of developing age-related eye health issues. Don’t be reactive with your eye health, be proactive with EyePromise Restore
  • NSF Contents Tested & Certified - The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is an independent international agency that certifies and verifies that contents match the label data on your supplements. At EyePromise we go the extra mile so you can be confident you are making the right choice for your health
  • 5X More Zeaxanthin - A combined 12 mg of the dietary nutrients zeaxanthin and lutein have been proven beneficial for age-related eye health issues. Restore provides this level of antioxidant protection. Because healthy eyes accumulate zeaxanthin and lutein at a ratio of 2:1 in the macular pigment, our patented formulation for Restore was developed purposefully with 8 mg of zeaxanthin and 4 mg of lutein per softgel
  • Manufactured in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients - EyePromise sources natural ingredients that have no preservatives, and our Omega-3 fish oil meets P65 and USP requirements. We've done the work to source responsibly and openly and certify our formulations, so you can be confident EyePromise products are supporting your eye health

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Details: Garantizado para aumentar la densidad mpod (pigmento macular óptico) en 6 meses, consulte con su local EyeCare para detalles y profesional a medir tu mpod. eyepromise restablecer Características 8 mg de zeaxantina dietético en uno Softgel – Los niveles más altos de cualquier producto disponibles en el mercado. eyepromise restaurar imita el natural Relación de 2: 1 se encuentra en una FOVEA (centro de la macula sana). La media densidad (mpod) aumento óptico de pigmento macular durante un período de 6 meses con una dosis diaria de 2 eyepromise Restore es 54%. Soporta pigmento macular es un factor de riesgo clave que bajo de ciencia para degeneración macular y saludable pigmento macular puede proteger y mejorar la visión incluyendo, conducción de agudeza visual Vision, sensibilidad a la luz brillante, brillo, contraste y sensibilidad.

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