Great Gut Extra-Strength Prebiotic Fiber Powder Immune System Booster 547 grams

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  • PREBIOTIC FIBER - Our extra-strength fiber blend helps people with digestive challenges balance their biomes and calm their guts with an easy mixing, 3x a day, prebiotic blend so they feel more normal again.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER - Balancing the flora in your gut with a blend of prebiotics can help boost your natural immunity to colds, allergies, and sickness
  • FIGHT GAS & BLOATING - Used regularly, our extra-strength PreBiotic Fiber promotes healthy regularity while helping to reduce painful bloating and gas for a flat stomach.
  • RESEARCHED BACK FORMULA THAT WORKS: Four researched backed effective prebiotics to nourish good bacteria and suppress bad bacteria. Including a full serving of the most medically prescribed fiber in the world, Sunfiber.

Publisher: Great Gut, LLC

Details: Extra Strength Great Gut Prebiotic Fiber Helps You Feel Normal After Every Meal
Great Gut is an exclusive blend of four research-based prebiotic fibers. It does what other fiber supplements can't. Great Gut feeds more kinds of beneficial gut bacteria, which promotes normal digestive health and supports regularity. Great Gut Extra-Strength Prebiotic Fiber dissolves easily and has a mildly sweet taste. And it's well tolerated, when used as directed.

NORMALIZE HEALTH - Just add one scoop to every meal.
ALL-NATURAL - We never use artificial sweeteners, dyes, perfumes or other gut-harming industrial chemicals.
NON-GMO - Our extra-strength prebiotic dietary fiber is a powder supplement made from clean, all natural sources. It does not contain any genetically modified ingredients.
NON-DAIRY - Our formula is always free of dairy, which is a known source of potential allergens.
RESEARCH-BASED - Our trademarked prebiotic fibers deliver the best gut health benefits available on the market today.