eAdvantage: Nootropic Gaming Supplement for Memory, Focus and Energy (60 Capsules)

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Brand: eAthlete Labs

  • ✔️ GET A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE - eAdvantage is designed to help you get into a state of pure focus and flow, so that you can dominate during key games.
  • ✔️ FOCUS, ENERGY, and MEMORY - The eAdvantage formula goes far beyond your typical energy drink or focus supplement by using unique ingredients that have been shown to boost focus and energy, as well as enhance memory, cognitive function and more. All of these cognitive effects may directly boost your gaming performance, skill acquisition, and esports success!
  • ✔️ USED BY PRO PLAYERS - eAdvantage is supported by competitive gamers, and streamers who use it to get the brain-boost they need to perform at high levels.
  • ✔️ CREATED WITH SCIENCE - eAdvantage combines vitamins, and healthy ingredients that have been independently studied and researched for years; proving their potential effectiveness in improving focus, energy and memory!
  • ✔️ SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - We made a formula designed to be way more effective than any typical energy drink. And instead of mixing it into some sugar-water or a tub full of sweeteners, we packed it into a simple, little capsule. No sugar, no sweeteners, NO BS! And the eAdvantage formula uses only safe and effective ingredients, follows strict health guidelines and has even been approved by Health Canada!

Details: eAdvantage is perfect for serious gamers who want to improve their skills faster, rank up more, and play at a higher level! eAdvantage is designed to boost more than just energy and focus - by using ingredients that have also been shown to boost memory and overall brain performance, it's the ultimate replacement for energy drinks or coffee! And since it contains no sugar or sweeteners, and has been approved by Health Canada, eAdvantage is the cheaper, healthier and more effective way to boost your gaming performance!