DHC Perilla Oil 60 Tablet ORI JAPAN Skin Health

DHC Perilla Oil 60 Tablet ORI JAPAN Skin Health

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DHC Perilla Oil 60 Tablet ORI JAPAN Skin Health A supplement made with perilla oil, a healthy ingredient that is very popular these days.

"''Recommended for those who"''
""Want to eat natural-derived ingredient directly
""Like to eat traditional health foods
""Are concerned about diet habit
""Want to keep the skin in a good condition
It also helps you keep looking younger and maintain your health.

"Every day, Egomaabura I want to take" is a supplement condensed the grace of the "field of blue fish," also called "Egomaabura". "Egomaabura" To do this, not a nutrient to help maintain healthy skin, is one - linolenic acid of n-3 fatty acids is rich. The - linolenic acid, a portion in the body are said to turn into DHA and EPA, component also recommended to the modern man scarce smooth habit to eating habits of. ""Every day, Egomaabura you want to take"" is, the perilla seed oil that oil extraction in the commitment process was used 100 percent.
Who often eat out, it is recommended for those who tend to be biased diet.

A supplement of condensed perilla oil.
Perilla oil is a nutrient which supports the maintenance of skin and health. Perilla oil contains plenty of -linolenic acid, an acid in n-3 fatty acids.
This -linolenic acid will partly change into DHA or EPA when absorbed. This ingredient is also essential to modern life.
This product uses 100% perilla oil.
Recommended for those often eat out.

Dosage : 3 Tablet perhari