DHC Millet Extract Supplement 300mg 90 Tablet for Nice Hair Japan

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DHC Millet UP 30 days 90 capsules

Millet UP up" is a supplement plus [Vitamin E] [vitamin B kind] [pantothenic acid] [selenium] plus a high blended [millet extract]. [Millet extract] is a component extracted from millet which is a type of millet, it is said that it contains abundant amino acid, and it has been widely used in Europe for a long time. We support richly beautifully the top volume and those who care about luster and Koshi. It is recommended to take it carefully and take it.
Product explanation The volume of 
top plus plus [vitamin E] [vitamin B kind] [pantothenic acid] [selenium] to high-blended [millet extract] and gloss · Koshi become matter of concern How to support richly beautifully.

How to eat :
1 day 3 Please take grain as a guide. 
· Please enjoy with water or lukewarm water. 
※ If you feel any abnormality in your body, please discontinue use. 
※ After confirming the raw materials, those who have food allergies should not be spun up. 
※ Please observe the standard amount of the day, please enjoy it. 
※ If you are taking medicine, those who are in the hospital, those who are pregnant, consult with your doctor, please enjoy this product.