DHC Heme Iron 500 mg 40 Tablet JAPAN

DHC Heme Iron 500 mg 40 Tablet JAPAN

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DHC heme iron 20 days (40 grains)
It is a nutrient function food of iron, vitamin B12, folic acid. 

"heme iron" is a supplement that efficiently supplements iron that tends to be short for women, in particular. 

Iron is poor absorption rate to the body, one of the minerals to actively supplement along with calcium. 

Iron contained in foods includes heme iron, which is often found in animal foods such as meat and fish, and nonheme iron contained in vegetables and cereals . 

It is generally known that animal food containing heme iron has higher iron absorption rate. 

Heme iron not reacting with tea or coffee tannins, vitamin B12, folic acid plus. 

It is recommended for people who are concerned about iron deficiency and those who grow up. 

Nutrition functional food. 

How to eat :
Please enjoy 2 tablets daily as a guide. 
Protect the standard daily intake, please enjoy with lukewarm water.