DHC Carnitine 750mg 100 capsules Slimming

DHC Carnitine 750mg 100 capsules Slimming

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DHC Carnitine 680mg 100 capsules Slimming
If it burns, it will not accumulate! Get that slender body with the power of combustion!

DHC's "Carnitine" is an essential supplement of L-carnitine for burning fat as energy. About 750mg of L-carnitine corresponding to an approximate amount of 550g of beef *per day was formulated.
"DHC carnitine 100 capsules" contains 750 mg of L-carnitine per day, plus tocotrienol, vitamin B 1 as a supporting ingredient.
"L-carnitine", one kind of amino acid that helps the combustion of sugar and fat, is a component that tends to be deficient due to aging and dietary content. Approach energy consumption and support youthful and burning body creation.
It is recommended to take it in several times, such as morning, noon and night.

In addition, Vitamin B1 which is indispensable for people who consume a lot of alcohol and sugar, and Tocotrienol which is indispensable for maintaining a youthful body have been formulated to enhance the overall effectiveness. As support for combustion and energy production for a fat loss diet, it is recommended for those who: want to start a fat-burning type of diet, want to eat meat, tire easily or want to maintain a youthful appearance.

It is recommended to take at different times daily such as morning, noon, and night.

Journal of Japan Society Nutrition and Food Sciences No. 37 13-17 (1984)
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Dosage : 1 day 5 tablets